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Ever hear of the rule of thirds? It’s a little way to cheat visual balance. And you can apply the rule of thirds when taking photos, or when cropping and editing your photos with the toolkit.

The big idea behind The Rule of Thirds is that the eye tends to naturally gravitate towards certain points within an image first. So thinking about aligning a subject ike a person or an epic sunset near those points, helps make a photograph appear more visually pleasing. Just imagine dividing your photo into 3 parts, both vertically and horizontally so that you end up with a 9 part grid.

Now try to align you subjects along the lines in the grid. Align a person, for example with one of the vertical lines. Or consider placing the horizon line along the bottom or top horizontal line of your imaginary grid. The points where the lines intersect are considered particularly important “hot spots” to place visual information.

Just knowing about The Rule of Thirds can dramatically improve a photograph. Give it a try. You just might like the look of it.

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